by Neale Sourna

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        Young Dia’d fucked and sucked Mr. Dean, her team’s coach, making him promise she’d be the only cheerleader and female on the bus, with his all male team. She wanted to be with him, ’cause “boy cocks don’t mean shit, not unless you could lump ’em all together.”

        She’d forgotten that, now; but Mr. Dean hadn’t, as he walked up front.

        “Gentlemen. My championship team. You’ll always have this, all your lives. All of us — coach, team, cheerleader, and … trusty bus driver, Pete.” There was laughter. “We’ll remember this forever.”

        They shouted and rocked the bus.


        His powerful presence and mature silence quieted them.

        “My gentlemen, if anyone tells of tonight, I will hurt you; I will end you, all of you. My team wins together, or is punished together.” They knew that; but.....

        “W-What’d we do?” stuttered Team Captain Steve.

        Mr. Dean gazed into each of his players’ souls, then into her, sitting in the middle aisle, rear seat bench in her uniform.



        “Lay out those blankets beneath you. I’m taking your clothes off, in front of my team.”

        There was a silent pause, while the boys heads whipped back and forth between her and Mr. Dean and questioned among themselves; but reading off their coach's commanding expression and her compliance, they abruptly realized why he’d confiscated all of their camera phones, as they now went hooting crazy, but stayed in their seats, while players and managers, all teen, except Assistant Coach Rich, jockeyed to see, as Mr. Dean passed them.

        He winked at her, murmuring for her ears only.

        “Surprise. Still my whore?”

        Dia nodded, breathless. He sat next to her, the bus dimly illumined them from overhead along with the passing highway lights; he kissed her.

        “Whoo!” hooted the boys.

        Mr. Dean slipped her letter sweater off, then made a move for her bra, but stopped.

        “Awww!” his team whined, as one.

        “Take it off,” he commanded.

        Dia removed her bra, then leaned back, presenting her breasts to him. He kissed them, licked them, and sucked on them, and she watched his team lean closer, feeling what he felt, tasting what he tasted. Their hands were his hands peeling off her cheerleader kilt with its built-in panties.

        “Damn,” someone whispered, once she was completely on display.

        Dia lay naked, and Mr. Dean, with his hard, adult cock springing forth, as he pulled down his trousers, mounted between her eagerly opening thighs and hit her dead center. He kissed and fucked her, belly to belly, balls to vulva, with hard bare cock in bare, slippery young pussy, as she gyrated and pushed up to get the most of Mr. Dean’s cunt-filling thrusts, with his team looking at what they'd never had and couldn’t have.

        "Ah!" Dia came and her greedy cunt sucked coach’s cock cum-dry.

        He gazed at her a long while, but spoke to the boys, uh his young men.

        “This cunt is mine; but, I’m giving everyone a special gift. In field order, gentlemen, pull a condom from my bag. Everyone fucks her.”

        “How many times, sir!”

        “Once each, Hendersen, then back to your seat; and the next man has his turn. Like my surprise, little Dia?”

        She rubbed against the man still impaling her.

        “Might be fun.”

        He pulled out a hidden piece of black lace and laid it over her entire face, which she tied as a veil, then felt his kiss on her lips through it. Mr. Dean’s fat cock slid from her slippery sheath.

        “Play with her tits, but don’t dawdle. If you eat her out, you lose your turn to fuck; plus, drink my cum dripping from her hole and your teammates’ ball sweat off her vulva. Her mouth is mine.”

        “What about her asshole?”

        “Mine. Touch it and die. Fieldman, get your cock—.”

        “Already out, sir!”

        “Then, fuck this cunt.”

        Mr. Dean shooed away the boys from the next seat by her head, to watch, as Fieldman dropped his pants, kneeled over her, with his ultra thin and tough condom covering his young, eager cock, and then found her hole, easy peasy—Hm, he’s fucked before—then banged at her like a nervous rabbit.

        Okay, but he’s no good at it.

        Fieldman came, quickly. Then the next, "Bat" Baxter, took his turn; Baxter's bigger cock slipped into her, and knew some shit. He made her cum. Thus, their side games and bets began.

        Boys make games out of shitting and pissing, too.

        If Dia came, the guy got “extra points.” The other “game” was getting her to grab their dicks. Some really couldn’t find her vagina; she’d sigh, and put the boy's fat cock tip in her cunt for him, then the boy'd shove himself in...

        ...Kryzer jumped back, as if scalded, when her cunt first fully closed around him.

        Someone said he’d “had his turn.”

        Coach had the final word.

        “Kryzer? Waste your wad?”

        “No, sir.”

        “Put it back in and fuck her, man. Or need help to...? Ah, good lad.” Kryzer’s sweet, and he came — his first, I bet — but Dia didn’t cum.

        Stevie sucked her tits, then shoved his cock into her at full force, making bump her head and her cry out.

        “Ah! Ow!” He'd made both ends of her hurt, the dick.

        “Hey! No points, S," Baxter shouted. "You just knocked the fuckin’ breath outta her.” But.... Steve wouldn't be distracted or deterred and kept at Dia. And he made her cum, simultaneously with himself still inside her, to the surprise of many, including pretty Dia.

        “Super extra points, S!” Ugh, hear those stupid boys slapping high fives! Like they'd just cum in me themselves.

        Stevie banged hard against Dia a few more times, then ground his prickly pubes against her wet slick, tender crotch; staring in her eyes, making his point that he could do this for her, make her cum like this, all the time, every time. Yeah.Right.

        “That’s enough, Captain,” Mr. Dean said softly, although the authority in his gentle command made Stevie start, then his gaze met Mr. Dean's with defiance and triumph, before falling away from his coach's calm gaze. Stevie got off her.

        Another took his turn, and another, and....

        Dia lost count of them, even forgetting her classmates names, as face after male face loomed over her followed by cock after cock stuffing inside her.

                    * * * *

        They drove into the parking away from the band, pom-pom dancers, and the rest of the cheering crowd, as Dia was draining sweet Assistant Coach Rich dry. He looked flushed with embarrassment the entire time, but he didn't say no, never pulled out of her, or stopped, not until he'd blown his balls flat empty into his condom's cum tip reservoir.

        Mr. Dean's voice cut through the general boy noise mixed with bus noise, and outside cheers.

        “Gentlemen, no used condom gets left on this bus. Or taken off. Put 'em in the waste container I brought. They’re waiting. Do up your britches and be heroes. Remember, one talks, all suffer. If asked, Dia got bus sick; she’s fine, but I’ll put her in my car, and then take her home. Rich? Let Stevie do the speech. Keep it short and sweet, Steve, like the captain of the team should. Ready?”

        “Yeah!!” They all answered as one.

        The bus cooled, as they filed out.Not a one said a thanks to Dia, a few said them to Coach Dean, though. Huh.

        Dia slowly sat up, tired, bruised and covered in maleness. The driver, whatshisname, came back, with hips wide from driving many years, and a hard, pregnant gut, too.

        Some older men really aren’t hot at—.

        He looked at Mr. Dean.

        “Yeah, Pete. Your turn.”

        “What?!” Dia blurted.

        “Fucking pay the man, whore,” Mr. Dean said softly, but with that sharp edge of command, which everyone obeyed. Even willful Dia.

        Pete slipped a condom on a dick she could barely see.

        I am not lying down and let that hippo flatten me.

        Dia stayed upright, as Pete played with her titties and she presented her messy fuckhole. Pete grinned — the yokel's even missing some teeth, ugh! And he smells. Body and breath. Pete slipped his old man’s cock into Dia, to abuse her sore cunt, with his primitive, jerky hard thrusts and grunts.

        He came fast-ish, though, grunting with satisfaction, before patting her head, before exiting her body and then the bus, which shifted, as his weight left it.

        So not a chubby chaser.

        “Don’t pout, Dia. Into your uniform; I’ll carry you.”

        “I can walk.”

        But, no, she couldn’t; she trembled and plopped back on her butt on the bench seat. She looked up at him, hearing the cheers for the team, and no one came to ask about her, to see for themselves if she were alright, and she smelled like boy!

        “I’ve got you, Baby.”

        Mr. Dean's voice melted her, yet met her feel calm and, well, completely his, as everyone's favorite teacher and coach, Mr. Dean, bundled her in blankets, and carried her away, as hundreds cheered in the distance.

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Dia's Coach (1)

Dia's Weekend with Coach (2)

Dia's Team Gang Bang (3) BANNED by Amazon Kindle

short story cover of Dia's Team Bang


        Dia’s the only cheerleader on the team bus filled with excited, champion ball players, managers, a middle-aged co-coach, and Mr. Dean, the one teacher / coach Dia’d open her lovely thighs wide for, anytime and anywhere, and secretly already has.

        Dia would do ANYTHING for her man’s pleasure. So, Mr. D will test his girl’s trust and love for him, because the man has a banging hot surprise for her AND his teenaged athletes, on the long ride home after their championship win.

        There will be slippery hot fun for all, as sweet Dia opens wide for her first willing gangbang. “Gentlemen, get in line.”

_FULL STORY is 16,006 words!!


  • Falcons’ Team Bus—Night, Post Game
  • Team Bus—Her First Man - Coach Dean
  •       _Dia Strips for Coach
  •       _Dia Fellates Coach
  •       _Dia’s Throatfuck Fun
  •       _Dia Swallows Coach’s Cum
  •       _Dia’s Cunnilingus Fun
  •       _Dia Fucks Coach
  • Team Bus—Mr. Dean’s Fuck Laws
  • Team Bus—Who Fucks Her Next?
  • Team Bus—Side Games
  • Team Bus—Good Friend Stevie’s Turn
  • Team Bus—More Men
  • Team Bus—Gay Mr. Jones Assfucks Dia
  • Team Bus—Lesbian Ms. Smith Fingerfucks Dia
  • Team Bus—Co-Captain Yune, the Lover
  • Team Bus—Mr. Cross, the Roughneck
  • Team Bus—Dia Gets Rough Used
  • Team Bus—Co-Coach Carlson and More Boys
  • Empty Team Bus—School Parking & a Driver
  • Empty Team Bus—Mr. Dean Takes a Second Fuck


[excerpt, Full Short Story ON SALE] Dia’s Coach (1)

  • Synopsis_Dia’s Coach (1)
  • Mr. Dean’s House—Late Friday Night


[excerpt, Work in Progress] Dia’s Weekend with Coach (2)

  • Synopsis_Dia’s Weekend with Coach (2)
  • Mr. Dean’s Bed—Saturday Morning
  • Mr. Dean’s Bed—Late Saturday Morning Breakfast
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