by Neale Sourna

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    “Hi, Mr. Dean.”

        She waited, knowing he was closing his eyes, as if in prayer, and sighing at hearing her behind him. Dia wanted him; he knew that; there wasn’t any doubt. Hilariously, each of the team members he coached assumed they’d get her; but, she didn’t like any of those boys all that much.

        “Yes, Dia?”

        Mr. Dean, now facing her, here, in his school office, was keeping his face blank; but she knew her affect. Hm, the constant stiffening of his cock when her little cunt came near was probably a bit of a giveaway. She glanced down. Yeah, stiff.


        “I asked the boys if I could be the only cheerleader to ride the team bus, again, on our away game. They said, 'Yeah!' But Stevie said I had to clear it with you.”

        “It makes the other girls jealous.”

        “Don’t care. I want what I want.”

        “It’s bad for your reputa—.” She stepped closer, into his aural heat.

        “I. Want. What. I. Want. Mr. Dean.” Dia glanced down. His cock visibly moved and poked at his pants harder.

        Oh, “trouser snake,” she thought, I get it, now.

        He sighed, and gave up.

       “Whatever you want, Dia.”

        “Oh. Really?”

        Mr. Dean was tired of his balls aching, his cock embarrassing him in public, and young Dia being relentlessly after him. One more try at responsible, adult teacher and coach.

        “Stevie loves you, Dia.”

        “Stevie the Overly Optimistic loves that I let him front like he may have kissed me and felt me up once or twice. But, he’s never fucked me.”

        She saw it in his eyes, his mind straying at the idea of “kissing” her, of “feeling her body up,” and she smiled wickedly knowing his cock was throbbing to “fuck” her juicy cunt.

        She dropped her voice, soft and deep — sexy.

        “I’ve had men fuck me, Mr. Dean. I love it when a smart, older man fucks me; a bunch of stupid boy cocks don’t mean shit to me; not unless you could lump ’em together into one useful fuck. Can you do that, Mr. Dean?”

        She laughed, and was leaving, knowing he was staring, fascinated. Her face, her tits, her legs and ass, he always stared at them, when he believed she didn’t know he was looking.

        She always knew, because he was always looking.

                       * * * *

        Dia rang his house bell, wearing a hooded cape, like the ladies in romance novels wear, when on an “assignation.” Mr. Dean opened his door.

        “Yes.” His eyes lit up at the sight of her, “Di—!,” then sobered and darted around. She opened her cape.

        He yanked her inside. Cool.

        As he was shutting the door, she slipped out of her cape; so, when he turned around.

        “Dia….” He mouthed a soundless “fuck.”

        She wore a Victoria’s Secret™ red lace, formfitting mini dress. It covered her essentials and had sleeves; but, she had nothing else on. Okay. It was “technically” see through!

        Dia leaned against him, as he backed into the door and she stroked her hands down his magnificent body, then put his hot palms on her curves.

        “You’re a kid,” he whispered.

        “I’m legal. Bad. And want you to fuck me, Mr. Dean, badly. You want to fuck my wet, tight cunt, hard and deep and—. Oh. Hm. Your long, fat cock’s bumping against me agrees.”

        He swallowed hard, as Dia rose up on her high heeled toes, pressing her delicious body to his, to brush her full lips against his. Subtle seduction after bold would be a surprise for him. Yep. His cock jumped for joy, and for her pussy.

        “I’d suck you off, Mr. D; but, I don’t want you losing that urgency you’re feeling, to fuck me.”

        “Oh, fuck.”

        “Exactly,” came her breathless answer. “Don’t hold back. I learned sex, so I’d be good for you. So you can fuck me full out. Fuck me, Mr. Dean. Now. Please.”

        Mr. Dean growled!

        “Oh!” That's Dia.

        He’d suddenly thrown Dia over his shoulder and she heard him unzip, before he laid her on the closest sofa, pulled up her red lace and, without any more delay, took her; hot and hard, he penetrated her.

        “Ah!” That was both of them, for different reasons.

        The full, hard size of him was a surprise; but, her anticipation was slick, swollen, and the perfect, tight fit for him, as she thrust her hips to get him deep, as she felt her bones melt away, while Mr. Dean fucked her bare, his hard tongue fucked her mouth, and his hard man's cock lasted longer than she’d thought he’d last, before he came in her full. But...

        “Don’t stop, Mr. Dean!” His cock was still hard enough, so he thrust and ground against her, until young Dia came; her slick cunt sucking on him tightly, like a baby's pretty mouth sucking milk. Then luxurious stillness, after heated exertion.

        “Fuck. Condom. Damn. You melt my fucking brain, girl.”

        “It’s okay. I wanted you bare. Skin to skin. And no fucker’s remorse, Big Man, I’ve sponge inside.”

        “Ah. Good girl, you randy little cunt.” She giggled, and stretched and his hot gaze ate her up. “You’re on my bus, for the exhibition game. Back seat with me.”


        “It’s easier to watch the boys from back there.”

        “Oh. Boys.” She rolled her eyes; he smirked, obviously liking to see disappointment on her, as he pulled from her and sat up.

        “Hey. You mentioned sucking my cock, girl; do a great job and I’ll give you a big surprise after the game on the long ride back.”

        “What? What kind of surprise?”

        “Suck.” She smiled; he never lied and was cool like that. Dia sucked him into her heavenly mouth.

        He tasted sooo good and felt even better inside, stretching her mouth almost too far. She mouthfucked him, but just to her fist clutched around him.

        “You’re cheating, little girl. You haven’t been taught correctly. Well, you have for saving your throat, but you wanted me and you’re going to take all of me. Move your hand to my balls and play with them while you slide me all the way into your hot, little throat.”

        She did, but choked and took her mouth away.

        “Sorry, Mr. Dean. You’re—.”



        “And longer than you’re used to?”


        “Are you mine, sweet Dia? Are you my whore?”

        “Oh, yes.”

        Good, he liked that. Then, she smiled and swallowed him whole, until her pretty nose was buried in his hot, musky pubes.


Dia's Weekend with Coach (2)

Dia's Team Gang Bang (3) BANNED by Amazon Kindle.

short story cover of Dia's Coach


        Young Dia is a naughty cheerleader, a Lolita, who prefers older men, well, one particular older man. She wants everyone’s favorite team coach and teacher, Mr. Dean.

        He’s been good and strong, resisting her; but, he’s weakening.... And lovely Dia always gets what she wants.

        So, when she enters Mr. Dean’s home, in nothing but lace and desire, he’ll break and switch gears, teaching teenager Dia what a man, not a boy, really wants when fucking his very willing student whore.

  • _10,746 words! Hardcore XXX Teen Sex, Romantic Erotica [more story, more character, more sex, more romance]

CONTENTS: Dia’s Coach (Part 1)

  • School—Main Hall—Day
  • Mr. Dean’s House—Front Door—Friday Evening
  • Mr. Dean’s Bedroom—Friday Evening
  • Mr. Dean’s Bed—Friday Evening
  • Mr. Dean’s Kitchen—Friday Evening
  • Mr. Dean’s Kitchen—Late Evening
  • Mr. Dean’s Kitchen—Friday, Full Night
  • Mr. Dean’s Office Den—Friday, Full Night

[bonus excerpt] Dia’s Weekend with Coach (Part 2)

  • Mr. Dean’s Bed—Saturday Morning

[bonus excerpt] Dia’s Team Bang (Part 3)

  • Team Bus—Friday Night, After the Game
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