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by Neale Sourna

        Annie’s new temp, Ryan, with the fascinating ass, is great at his job, on his first day; but, he’s driving his new boss to distraction. She can’t get anything done.

        When Annie, the site construction architect, works late and alone, to catch up on work, gorgeous Ryan returns in order to show her what he’s really freelancing in.

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        “You say something, Annie?”

        I looked at Ryan’s face, while he was still leaning on his elbows over my architectural blueprint on the work table, his ass (at which I’d been staring) pointed at me, and now that face gazing back over his shoulder, too.

        It is hot in this stupid construction trailer.

        “W-What? N-No. Didn’t say....” My stupid lust thoughts are too loud.

        He frowned a little, like I might’ve just lied to him, but he didn’t want to call me on it, and went back to work.

        It’s his first day, after all. His temp supervisor said he had “great credentials” and , luckily, “he’d just walked in.” Yesterday. She’d gushed some other stuff hormonally induced by this incredible bit of male tail and face.

        Shit, don’t objectify the man, idiot; go back to your construction notes, bills, and ... ass.

        “Oh!” he uttered, “Sandy’s back and will need these.”

        He grabbed Sandy’s messages and new contracts for my construction foreman and walked out. What. A. Walk. His ass, in those jeans, does magical things to me. If I don’t get myself sued for harassment, with the rest of the day to get through, not to mention an entire week.

                    * * * *

        I’d completed my site tour with Sandy, who’d gone home, Ryan, too, thank god. I hadn’t gotten anything done all day, except the tour, because I’d sent Ryan on an errand.

        The site was locked, and everyone gone, until I heard footsteps and reached for my gun.

        “Don’t shoot. It’s me, Ryan.” The solid door pulled open slowly; he peaked around it. “May I come in?”

    Proper grammar. My mom, the English professor, would love him.


        “To talk.”

        “We were alone together, most of the day. You could have—.”

        “It’s personal. May I come in?” What is he, a vampire in the night begging to get in? He’d already been in. “Don’t be annoyed, Annie.”

        By the end of the week, I’ll have an ulcer and no work done. Be tough, Annie girl.

        “Say it from there. Make it quick; I’ve got shit to do.”

        “No you don’t.” He was calling me a liar? “I know architecture and you’re way ahead of everyone. That’s your style — great work, imaginative, and way in front of schedule; by style and work day. You could take off for a couple of weeks, before Sandy’s crew catches up to you. Maybe even a month, Annie.”

        He filled my exit.

        “But, that’s not why I drove around until everyone was gone, so I could be with you. I-I’m your guy.”

        “Yehhh. My temp.”

        “Yeah, that. But, I’m your man. Ms. Annie D has all these phenomenal works erected with her name on them. But, when was the last time you had an erection inside you?”

        My mouth dropped open, as if I were saying, “Plop your dick in here.” I closed my mouth and bit my lips tight. He shut the door, and threw the privacy bolt lock.

        “You’re my employee, Ryan. I'm your boss.” Headline: woman boss forces self on poor innocent temp guy.

        “I’ll quit.”

        Fuck. I frowned at that. He knew his architecture and he spoke construction-ese. I needed him, while my regular girl was—.

        The man started stripping! Tossed his jacket onto his task chair, unsnapped his shirt and revealed ... great chest, before fully stripping off the shirt. He let me look; I didn’t realize I was staring, until he moved closer.

        “I have a gun.”

        “I know. And you’ve been staring at my ass all day, lady. Taking glimpses at ... other parts of me, too. Haven’t you?” Busted.

        “Uh-huh.” Fucking hell, I can’t believe I said that! Blabbermouth!

        “Good, Annie. You don’t know me, as well as I know you, but I know you. I’m a fan.” He scowled, wrong word, clearly. “I’m not a....” He didn’t say “stalker,” but that would be the logical word. “I knew you use that agency for most projects, and when I heard there was an opening—.”

        “How? W-Why?”

        He opened his mouth, shut it, then closed the distance, held me tight, and kissed me. I’d put the gun down and my hands had gone up, as if to ward him off, and touched bare, delicious skin.

        My first thought, not that I could think clearly—It has been a long time since I “had an erection inside me.”

        He gazed into my eyes, the snake charmer.

        “Don’t stop, Annie?”

        “Don’t stop.”

        He backed me over to the office couch, kissing me deeply along the way, before laying us down together. He’s a great schmoocher, his brilliant hands caressing and kissing me all over, through my clothes, until he took my shirt, took my bra and made love to my deprived breasts.

        Until I fumbled with my belt, because I was real needy, elsewhere.

        He took over, and undressed me.

        “Fuck, you are so beautiful, Annie.” His voice was hushed, awed; making me barely able to swallow.

        I sat up, unable to breathe, when he undid his pants, slowly, making certain I saw all of him; talk about “beautiful.” I leaned back and opened but he kneeled and loved me with his mouth, until—.

        “Fuck me, Ry, please.” Better prepared than I, he slipped on an extra-thin, ribbed condom, and barely entered me, before I thrust to have him fill me deep.

        “Damn, Annie.”

        We fucked, with me sitting on the sofa’s back, against the wall, and he standing and leaning in; sometimes fucking fast, most times slow, with this delicious movement of his hips seeking my pleasure.

        “Aaahhm.” I shivered, nearly blacking out with delight; he shuddered, with a long gasp, then throbbed slower and slower deep inside me.

        “I really should fire you.”

        “I’ll stay till Gina’s back.”

        “Just till then?”

        “Here, yeah; but, in your bed…? Don’t think, Annie; don’t plan it out. I’m here, as long as you want me. Promise.”

        “I-I’m not getting any work done this week, am I?”

        My man wiggled his hips and made pleasure, taking my breath away.


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Annie’s new temp, Ryan, with the fascinating ass, is great at his job, on his first day; but, he’s driving his new boss to distraction. She can’t get anything done.

When Annie, the site construction architect, works late and alone, to catch up on work, gorgeous Ryan returns in order to show her what he’s really freelancing in.

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