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by Neale Sourna

Bored dot com queen, Lara, runs an internet site for rough sex and she'll get more than a little out of control when she uses an alias in online site communications with dominant client Will.

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FULL Published SHORT STORY is 3750 words! 


        I’d been bored, again. I kicked off my heels to flex my feet and legs, then sighed and went back to work, with good cock still in my thoughts.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love my company, a lucrative dot com for sexually active, private member websites for consenting adults, who seek something a little different. We get you connected; we don’t supervise.

        Damn. I can’t concentrate. Hm.

        “What’re you up to today, sweet cheeks?” I murmured, clicking open my pet project. “You’re online. Blocking another won’t quit girl.”

        His dull picture says, I’m Will and not hideous, but this fuzzy jpeg may be touched up, a lot. He has much hotter pix in his portfolio archive which he sends once he’s gotten to know a prospective fuck better. He hasn’t sent one out in a while.

        He’s “straight.” “Unmarried,” and really is, per our D&B and criminal records. Good financials, traffic tix, but no arrests. He’s picky and can choose to be, and “bored” with what “I’ve been getting in the real world,” his bio says.

        Suck it up, Lara. Time to get the game going. Use your Dennie profile.

        “Dennie — Hi, Will: Been kinda watching you here at Lara’s. I know it sounds creepy. It’s not. You’re interesting. Most guy’s here aren’t at all picky and say they’re looking for love or marriage or long-term sex, but they’re not. Not at a rough sex site. Right?” Enter.

        No answer. Maybe he’s walked away, or just screening. Continue.

        “Dennie — I’m picky, too, and breaking Lara’s rules. No mixing with or personally servicing her clients. I could get fired. But, you’re her client not mine. LOL” Enter.

        Nothing, while my cursor pulsed like a racing heartbeat. This. Is. So. Stupid. Ah. He was checking out my profile, as Dennie.

        “Dennie—You’re unsatisfied with our rough sex women clients, I know. Some are REALLY … extreme? Hanging from the ceiling by nipple and clit piercings. I’m not like that. Pain is … unpleasant. But I think, feel that it’s more about our emotions, at their most intense, about a … hunger within we can’t explain. Something about bein—.” Enter.

        Damn it! I’d mistakenly hit enter and cut myself off—premature entry.

        Will answered.

        “Will — about being able to fully put yourself in my hands. Have me take rough control of you, mind, body, and soul, to force you to give me pleasure. Serve my needs. And yours, as well. Isn’t it?”

        Fuck me. I stared at the screen. It really sounded dif in real conversation, for yourself.

        “Dennie — Never done this before. Never wanted to … rough it. Wanted more … intense. Not until I fell into your filed thoughts, intimate emotions.” Enter.

        Fuck me. That was too … something. Emotional, wasn’t it?

        “Will — Answer me, D. Now. You want to ‘service me’? You want ME to TAKE you?”

        My cursor blinked.


        “Rough? Hard? Intense?”


        “Really? You have me at disadvantage. Your jpg is a lie. Show me real U. Live video, now. Or sign off, if 2 rough … already.”

        I took the Post It™ I keep over my cam, when not using it. Then realized…. Oh, God.

        “I can’t. Legally, I can’t. But, I’ll meet you—.”

        My cam flashed, but the cam software window didn’t open. Glitch?

        “Will — Meet now. IMing UR instructs. Show. Or I tell Lara she has a slutting cunt on her staff begging for cock from her male clients.”

        Fuck me. He could sue me! I could get crucified in the news, go to jail, loose my company. I'm an idiot. But....

        Still want him, you stupid girl? Doesn’t matter, you have to go.

                    * * * *

        Will let me in, and he looked better in the live flesh, plus more dangerous. He touched me and shivers ran from cheek to clit.

        “Lovely. And, you’re a liar, Lara.” He held me tight. “You’ve been on news hour.”

        “F-Fair enough. We both know the other.”

        “No. I won’t know the real you, not until I’ve had you.”

                    * * * *

        It was maddening, intense, all feeling. He could have me anyway, and I could do nothing about it. Not now, as Will “forced himself on me.”

        And mined what no one else had.

        He yanked my clothes off. Broke my bra’s hooks to gnaw on my breasts. And ripped my panties to shreds, before fingerfucking me wet and breathless, then shoved me down on the hard floor, forced my thighs open, and fucked me right there, his fly zipper scratching at my inner thighs.

        He ground his hard belly and abdomen against mine, as he reached deep into the center of me, forcing me to cum and drench his relentless cock to the balls, rewarding his cruelty.

        “That you’d asked for,” his lawyer might one day point out.

        “Can’t get enough of my hard cock, can you, Lara?”

        Will’s harsh voice burned my ear with hot breath, from behind. It was round two, or was it three? Both naked, across his bed, as he held me unable to move, as he hard fucked between my bruised thighs up into my sore cunt, as if he could cockbust me inside out, and reveal the me I hid deepest inside.

        Oh, fuck! Growing, again. From down deep in my soul. Starting to tremb—.

        Will fingered and pinched my clit, setting me on fire, while his hard cock throbbed inside me, to bursting, making me—.


        “Yeah!” he crowed, for making me cum with a great shudder, rewarding him with—. “That’s it, drench my balls. Again.”

        I did, then fell asleep.

                    * * * *

        I awoke alone, naked.

        “You all right, Lara?” Will leaned forward, from the chair, looking me over. I stretched, sleepily.


        “Lara!” He looked so concerned. I did an inventory of my best parts, already on display.

        “I’m fine. Delicious. Sore. But yummy. And you?” His grin met mine.

        “Fan-freakin’-tastic. And, I want … more.”

        “Good. Then have more.”


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Dot com queen, Lara, runs an internet site for rough sex. Her own boring romantic life has her observing the online site communications of a client, named Wil. She makes contact with him, as Dennie, one of her aliases, who "works for her."

When he decides he wants to meet "Dennie" in person, Lara puts herself in the perilous position, because rough stud Wil make break her company, break her, and bust her cunt to pieces.

_3750 words! Romantic Erotica

[Like internet sex, internet sex games, coerced sex, rough sex stories, hotel sex, yeah, that's hot hotel room sex, y'know, high class sex, sex in hotel in a high class sex hotel that is first class porn, um, well more first rate hotel erotica. Just a touch of rough forced sex, forced rough sex--potaeto, potahto--welcome coercive acts of sex? Lara will tell you all about it.]

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