by Neale Sourna

short story published in Kink-EMagazine

Do you know the flavors of your lover?

_807 words

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Do you know the flavors of your lover?
_807 words

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Do you know the flavors of your lover?
_807 words


        “Is this the end of us?”

        “You’re joking? Now? I don’t fucking believe—.”

        “Hey. Hey. Okay, baby. It was a bad joke. One in poor taste. Oops. Sorry.” He can get on a roll, a tasteless roll, sometimes. Pun somewhat intended. I turned around in the hot bath we were sharing to glare at him.

        “Stop glaring at me, baby. You really shouldn’t give your honey bunny husband the stink eye.” He smiled, innocently. Yes. There was a pun joke in there, intentionally. Argh! “Don’t make a big stink about this. Come clean. You’re curious and the fact you don’t know why I’m so pervertedly interested is a steaming hot pile of—.”

        “Don’t you dare!” My “honey bunny husband” gave me an eye-sparkling, big shit-eating grin before reaching for me, gently but firmly hugging me to him, as he rubbed a hand up and down my wet bare back, like we do with the children when they’re scared.

        “We’re both clean, baby. It’s not gross. I love every part of you.”

        “But, do I have to love every part of you, too?”

        “Would be nice, baby. But not required. Receiving end only, if you choose. Please choose yes.”

        “I still don’t get it. It’s so . . . .” I rolled my eyes, not having the words to express my confused feelings.

        “I know; but, it’s like your love for me. Doesn’t make sense; especially not to your dad; but, what the hell, you can’t stop yourself.” Okay. I smiled at that one. Charming fucker. “Some things have to be tasted and experienced, baby, no words can explain it. Like cunnilingus and fellatio. Those proved fine, repeatable experiences. Enjoyable for all.”

        He was right about that; but this . . . . He was patiently waiting; the water was getting cold and his hot hand going south to caress my ass. He always was an ass man.

        “We do this McNasty once and I won’t have to again? Promise?”

        “Swear. Same deal as before. The kids are at my sister’s and you can scream with joy or barf out your guts however you like.”

        “You’re always negotiating me into the oddest things.” He lifted my hand to his lips and kissed my hand, across my fingers, where his gold ring said I was off limits to others. I don’t want anyone but him.

        “Okay, this once, honey, since we’re cleaner and all.”

                    * * * *

        We’d gotten out the tub, dried off and I’d thought we’d go into the bedroom but he brought a few pillows and a fluffy duvet in, laying them down on the floor. He kissed me all over and did all those things I love him doing to me before he had me kneel beside the tub.

        “Hold on,” he whispered, “Same safe words as before. Shush, shush, relax.” Yep, I was tensing, we were getting close and he kissed me up and down my back and touched me everywhere, like he always does, front and back and between my—.


        “Good, baby. You taste so good.”

        “Yeah, well wait till you taste my digested dinner.” I actually felt his smile on my backside. He kissed my ass.

        “Great one, ba—.”

        “Oh! Oh . . . .” His lips and then his tongue met my anus, intimately. “Oh. OH! Mmm.” He paused and I was breathless. The power this man has over me.

        “Hm, babe, no safe word I hear. That means ... continue.”

                    * * * *

        I was still shaking although we were now relaxing together and I was recuperating in our bed.

        “Not so bad, huh, baby?”

        How do you tell your husband his stupid, foul idea to stick his tongue up your anus is one of the most remarkable things he’s ever done to you?

        “Remarkable isn’t it?” And he’s an annoying mind reader. “Can’t say how good it makes me feel to taste your ‘digested dinner’. Harold and Kumar’s friends have nothing on us. What? What’s the look for? Did I hurt you?”


        “What, babe? What is it?”

        “Turn over on your stomach, honey.” He almost said why, but quickly realized and didn’t want to break the possible spell I might be still under. He rolled over.

        I kissed my husband’s ass. I kissed my husband’s anus.

        “Yes, babe. Don’t stop. More. Please.”

        I flicked my tongue around the rim of him for a taste. He trembled all over and he shifted slightly on his side, taking the pressure off his quickly rising cock. I was affecting him! Always love doing that.

        His taste was okay, tart, not shitty at all. His scent a bit musky and appealing. I’d discovered a new scent of my old husband.

        I shoved my tongue in deep, “Ah, baby, yes!”

        And took control of his joy.


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