[revised client short short story]

by Neale Sourna

A video sex model's having having great sex chat fun while doing video sex. Hm, a threeway?


        “Fuck her, with our fat cock in her sloppy, hot cunt.”

        He could see us, hear us, and tell us things to do.

        Private chat. Exclusive virtual bedroom. Everything but smell, taste, and actual touch. But stimulate the mind just right, and the absence of senses won’t be missed.


        “Yeah, that’s it. Shove that fat, black prick in her sopping pussy. You like that hard, fat cock, don’t-cha, cunt?”

        Yeah. Ooh yeah.

        It felt good, money AND great cock, rammed in the right way, over and over and … ooh. My partner ground against me.

        “Yeah, WE know THIS tight pussy, and what she likes. Loves to be dick tickled and stirred a little. That’s it, coax and tickle that hot cunt with our fat cockhead. Yeah. Listen to her purr.”

        Damnit, I was.

        “Suck her black titties, yeah, that’s it. Loooves her titties nibbled and sucked, don’t-cha, cunt?”

        Yeah. I do.

        “We know how to fuck this bitch, don’t we?” My partner’s hot glance said he … they did.

        “Oh. She really wants it now, feel her hips jerk up, her tight cunt clinch, trying to milk our hard bone dry. You’ll get your thick cream, pussy girl, when I say. Pull out of her.”


        “On all fours, cocklover. Fuck her from behind. Dogs in the street. A bitch in heat with our fat, black cock all the way in. Yeah, take it, slam that fine, full ass back against us, greedy cunt. Titties jiggling, ass quivering.

        “Harder, man. Faster. Faster. Damn she feels good. Loves my cock, love my cock, love—.”

        I cum. And cum. And cum. And both my lovers, and me, collapse, satisfied.

–280 wds

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