by Neale Sourna

[revised client version]

A Punjabi girl waxes poetic about the sexy power and wonder of her lover's wonderful cock.


        I love cock, well, HIS cock.

        Not a thing a good Punjabi girl should EVER say; unmarried or married. His cock is not the biggest, it’s not the fattest, or longest. It’s not any of that silly porn stuff, except filling and wonderful … and creative.

        His cock feels nearly as dexterous as a finger, finding those hard to reach places deep inside me. Sometimes all the way to my soul.

        His cock makes my mouth — both of them — water, salivate, flow like fresh water rivers to be swum in.

        He’s inside me, right not, and it’s good, no, GREAT — with or without eyes closed. Closed it’s all about me and about feeling filled with this thrilling, throbbing, expanding wonder; this maddening expansion deep inside me.

        But eyes open, it is the two of us as one, a teeter totter, pushme-pullyou of delight for two.

        Open eyes. Close eyes. Open. Close.

        In cock and out cock. In and out.

        Up and down. Up and—.

        The combinations are extensive with the right cock in the right pussy.

        Improper yes, but great feelings of great love and passion always are. Because HIS prick in MY pussy is not merely and only sex, but is sex with love, and love with sex.

        It is us. He and I. US.

        Perfect. And right. And, hopefully, forever. 

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