[his and her bondage, revised original client short shorts]

by Neale Sourna

His and her bondage fun. All tied up in love!


        She’s bound to our special rack bed, with chains and pulleys.

        I’m a master with his marionette, pulling and reshaping her body lying exposed to me, locking each lovely arm above her head, and her lovely ankles and knees in the air, wide.

        I looked at my work, at her hidden charms, revealed, every orifice opened and waiting.

        “I’m ready to play.” And I stuck my fingers in her pretty slit, and found it sopping wet. I fingerfucked her and licked her clit. She wiggled.

        “Be still, slave. This is my pleasure, not yours.” She sighed and tried to settle and not wiggle in pleasure, as I frigged her and sucked on her needy clit.

        When I felt her about to cum, I pulled out, and sternly watched her writhe and try to be still.

        “Open your mouth, cunt.” But, I shoved the huge dildo into her pussy and fucked her a few times, her other mouth still open, as I’d commanded, until I yanked the dildo from its slick playpen.

        “Suck it, love it.” She did, as I fingerfrigged her, fucking her at both ends, until I shoved a finger up her tight asshole as well.

        “Mmm,” she mumbled, with all holes filled.

        “Like that. Don’t you?”

        “Mmm.” Her fantastic breasts jiggled, as she writhed and wriggled.

        “Be still, cunt slave.” She tried, hard, as I used her, as I moved between her thighs, she whimpered. “You want it bad enough, slut? Be a good slave, beg, and your good master’ll provide and reward you with pleasure.” I let her speak.

        “Please, Good Master, I beg you. Oh, please.”

        “ ‘Please,’ what?”

        “Please, fuck me. PLEASE, let—. Oooh.”

        She shivered and drenched my sex with her hot juice, as I too came, and.... Ah.

–296 wds

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        He’s chained on our rack bed, fully naked, elbows flexed with hands locked beside his dark head, visually saying, “I surrender.”

        Love his arms, muscles flexed, and his long legs chained upward, as he does me, a marionette with knees skyward.

        Exposed, vulnerable, his fine cock, balls, and arsehole unprotected and waiting to amuse me dressed in stilettos and a wrap business suit that showed — oops, no panties — all, framed by corset, garters and stockings.

        “Stop staring, shameless whore.”

        “But I’m a man.”

        “You’re my prisoner, my slave, my bitch and ‘man’ or no man you’re my whore, aren’t you, bitch?”

        “Ow!” he said with a tear, as a fat, prickly dildo was shoved to the hilt up his tight, prune pucker of an oiled arsehole.

        “Yeah. I mean yes, Mistress.”

        “Don’t talk, don’t moan, and damn you, don’t cum, until I say you may. Or I’ll stop.”

        I screwed my fat dildo in, out, and around his arsehole, as I tickled his balls and cock with my fingernails. He squeezed his lips together, his hips squirmed—.

        I stopped. My dildo was still rammed in his arsehole, stretching it; plus, I switched on the vibrator. He twitched like he had to pee, or cum.

        I peeled off the suit and sat fingering my pretty snatch.

        “Want some?” He tersely nodded, but I licked and sucked my wet fingers, leaving none. “Close your eyes, whore slave.”

        I yanked the dildo out with a nice suction sound and elevated my prisoner’s arsehole. The click of stilettos. The feel of the fat head of my huge strap-on cock that I slid home to the hilt. I leaned in and fucked his arsehole, and hand-jerked his rigid cock.

        I. Was. Cumm—.

        “Mis-tress. PLEASE. May—? Ah.”

        That disobedient, whoring slave of mine, squirted all over me. Without my permission.

–308 wds

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